Saturday, December 26, 2009

TED India | Hans Rosling's Talk on the rise of Asia

I've been a big fan of Hans Rosling who shows us how statistical information can be presented as an exciting story. His latest talk at TED India is about the rise of China and India to being superpower. He elegantly uses data from the past and models his prediction using Gapminder which is an excellent resource for fact based analysis of the geopolitical landscape.

If you're as impressed as I was, then there's much more where this comes from. You can find all the Gapminder videos here. In particular, there's something different in his talk at Google, where he spots trends that look like "hockey sticks". [Imagine a horizontal hockey stick with a sudden spike in a trend which looks something like this -> ______/ ] He searches for hockey sticks in trends for OIL, HIV, CO2 & USD. Four topics, four acronyms.


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Long time, no post!


Long time, no post!

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